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We cannot express how important correct planting is to the health of your garden, and for your enjoyment throughout the growing season. Allow us to share with you the correct way to plant your flowers or vegetables for healthier plants, more blossoms and more edibles. Plant correctly, and come the dog days of summer you will not have to water your gardens.

Dig your hole a little bit deeper than usual.  At least twice as deep as the container you're transplanting from is a good guage.  Add a handful of cow manure/compost to the bottom of the hole.  Set your plant.  Now for the trick: add at least a quart of water to the hole.  Personally we take a 5 gallon bucket of water and dip a plastic coffee can in and use almost a full can for each hole.  After the water has soaked down into the ground, then fill in your hole with loose soil.

Planting a lot?  Production line the process.  Dig your holes, then go around and drop in the cow manure/compost, then set your plants, then add the water.  By time you get back to the first plant, the water will have soaked in and then you can fill in the hole.

The advantage to this method is almost too simple; feed and water the roots.  By placing the manure/compost in the hole you're feeding the plant only, When you work your fertilizer into the entire garden bed, you are feeding the weeds and they don't need any more help to grow...When you water the roots the water will soak down into the ground, the roots will follow the water and actually become stronger.  When plants depend on surface water, the roots tend to be shallow (staying towards the surface) and the plants are not as strong and vigorous.  Having to water  also means more work for the gardener.

Plant deep, fertilize the plant, not the weeds, and water deep.  Try this and see how a little more effort at the start makes a big difference during the growing season!

Surgeon General's Warning. 

Gardening can can be dirty, addictive and may lead to OWD.
(Obsessive Weeding Disorder)

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